Social Justice in Global Development

Our Mission

SocDevJustice is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization that promotes the attainment of social justice, democracy and human rights through reform of global development policies and improvement in global governance.

Since its founding in 2010, SocDevJustice has sought to promote social justice, democracy, development and the full enjoyment of human rights through the reform and strengthening of global development policies and global economic governance. Our members monitor intergovernmental processes at the United Nations, the Bretton Woods institutions and the Group of 20 on the 'financing for development' agenda and on threats to global financial stability that adversely impact development. We promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as a step toward poverty eradication, decent work for all and full social inclusion in a sustainable global economy.

SocDevJustice works to create a platform for dialogue between non-governmental organizations, government representatives and staff of international institutions that support initiatives to promote social justice in global development. We seek to organize seminars and conferences on relevant topics at home and abroad with a view to exchanging ideas and information on specific questions relevant for advocacy and lobby work, in particular, at the United Nations, the Bretton Woods institutions and the Group of 20. We also help to disseminate, as through our website, policy analyses and proposals that we believe can advance our goals.

For more details please visit the sections of our website on our current campaigns and activities.

Our Areas of Work

SocDevJustice works in the areas of social development, financing for development, innovative resources and global governance. The organization drafts and publishes papers for the purpose of information exchange, advocacy work and development education. 

SocDevJustice consults with members of the Executive Committee of the NGO Forum on Financing for Development and supports the advocacy work and activities of the NGO Committee on Financing for Development at the United Nations.

SocDevJustice also organizes seminars and conferences on certain relevant topics at home and abroad.